Minden Games
Nuremberg: Trial of the Century
(solitaire, abstract judicial, post WWII)
    Nuremberg: Trial of the Century puts you in the role of the prosecuting allies at the Nurember War Crimes Trial (1946), seeking convictions against famous and infamous Nazi leaders. The allies emerged as victors in World War II, and your task is to craft winning cases against the defendants, trying to maintain a balance between "justice" and "victor's justice". 
    The game blends abstractions and legal realities, in the context of east-west relations.  The Soviets are pushing for a quick trial, but from the player's standpoint, if proceedings degenerate into a show trial, you've lost your moral high ground.  This creates the game's tension, as you seek to deliver the evidence and arguments to gain convictions within this context.
    Nuremberg: Trial of the Century originally appeared in Panzerschreck #2.  This new edition has added new Event Cards not in the original game.

Nuremberg: Trial of the Century
16 page illustrated rule booklet
72 color thick card counters
38 cardstock Event Cards
8.5" x 11" color map
12 Defendant Cards / Minor Defendant Display
Out of Print